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​Research and Development Division

About Us

R&D is strategically-positioned to Support the entire Oil and Gas Value Chain and be a One-Stop-R&D-Shop for the Industry and it boasts of Highly-Skilled and Experienced Personnel.
R&D has a wide range of specialized and State-of the Art Laboratory Equipment.
R&D is registered with the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) as a Supplier of Services.
R&D laboratories are accredited by the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMNEnv.) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).
R&D is NIS ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Quality Management System.
R&D is the NCDMB -appointed Coordinator for Nigerian Research Clusters.​


To be a world-class Research and Development Centre driven by innovation and quality.


Carry out Research; Develop Technology and Provide Laboratory Services in the Oil and Gas industry.


The NNPC Research and Development Division (R&D) was set up in 1977, to solve the operational and technical problems of the Oil and Gas industry through the application of the results of scientific research and the development of technology.
NNPC R&D has continuously rendered technical services and carried out research work for NNPC, its joint venture partners, Oil & Gas industry players, the universities, Government Agencies and other sectors of the economy. The list of our clients continues to grow as we strive to reach out to corporate organizations and other third parties in the industry.
NNPC Management is committed to repositioning R&D Division in the front line of petroleum technology development efforts. Accordingly, huge investments are constantly being made in the procurement of broad range of state of the art equipment at our facility. To further reposition R&D for efficient service delivery in the industry, the Division recently moved from 4- 9 Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, to a more spacious site in the Life Camp of EPCL Petrochemicals complex, under the Ventures Directorate.
NNPC R&D has the state of the art equipment in her laboratories in the country and the Sub-Sahara Africa. Our services are cost effective, reliable and competitive. We also maintain our clients’ confidentiality.
In the fast-growing business environment of today, NNPC R&D is equipped to rigorously support the oil and gas industry operations nationwide and in the Sub-Sahara Africa.

Activities​ (Laboratories Services)

  •  Routine and Special Core Analysis
  •  High Resolution Biostratigraphy Studies
  •  Field Development Studies
  •  Reservoir Fluid Analysis (PVT) Studies
  •  Geochemical and Geophysical Studies
  •  Reservoir Simulation/Characterization
  •  Basin Studies
  •  Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation
  •  Reservoir Simulation
  •  Formation Evaluation/Damage studies
  •  Reservoir Characterization
  •  Formulation of Drilling Fluids from local raw materials
  •  Enhanced Oil Recovery 
  • Total Crude Assay
  • Determination of Boiling Point Range using High Temperature Simulated Distillation (HTSD- SIMDIS) Gas Chromatograph
  • Crude Characterization and Finger-Printing.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies/Consultancy
  • Post Impact Assessment Studies
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring of Effluent Discharge in Drilling and Production locations
  • Mandatory Impact Mitigation Monitoring
  • Environmental Evaluation Report
  • Environmental Audit
  • Air Pollution Monitoring/ Studies
  • Petroleum Products Testing
  • Bioremediation/ Pollution Studies
  •  Analytical Chemistry Solutions
  •  Toxicity Studies
  •  Water Potability Testing
  • Biodegradability Studies
  • Petroleum Products Quality Assessment
  • Vegetation studies
  • Ecological Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Benthic Studies
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Studies
  • Chromatographic studies
  • Water and Specialty Chemicals Analysis
  • Petroleum and its products characterization
  • Elemental quality evaluation of water, soil, crude/product samples by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
  • Water compatibility Studies for well secondary recovery operations etc.
  • Research Areas & Potential Results:
  • Depositional Pattern of the Maastrichtian- Campanian Sediments in the Anambra Basin: To obtain knowledge of the hydrocarbon depositional potential of the basin.
  • Palaeoecological Dynamics in the Campano-Maastrichtian Deposits in Anambra Basin using Faunal and Floral Signals: To obtain knowledge of the hydrocarbon depositional potential of the basin.
  • Development of Shale Maturity Model for Niger Delta, Bida Basin and Upper Benue Trough: To obtain knowledge of the hydrocarbon depositional potential of the basin.
  • Development of Geo-Mechanical Model for the Niger Delta Basin and other Sedimentary Basins in Niger: To obtain knowledge of the hydrocarbon depositional potential of the basin.
  • Reservoir Detection and Characterization: To improve the accuracy in detecting and characterizing hydrocarbon reservoirs in deep and ultra- deep water areas.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery: Maintaining future levels of production to increase the oil recovery factor at existing field by methods of enhanced oil recovery.
  • Well Drilling and Field Development: New well drilling methods in order to perform safer and more energy efficient drilling activities, 4D seismic, sophisticated reservoir modeling and smart wells.
  • Non-Conventional Hydrocarbon: Development of advanced technologies for the extraction of non-conventional hydrocarbon through mining.
  • Refinery Operations Optimization: To drive improvements in performance of operating assets and technology, product offerings (product portfolio), and business processes.
  • Enviro-Conscious Oil and Gas Exploitation: Technological solutions related to environmental issues in oil-field development in view of growing environmental consciousness world-wide.
  • Exploration risk and resource assessment of the Nigerian Frontier Inland Basins
  • UNIDO Technical Assistance in the establishment of a cleaner catalysis R&D laboratory and master Plan for Petroleum Research Centre (PRC)
  • Develop and deploy a unique technology to manage pipelines and other surface facilities in Nigeria
  • Renewable energy research (Biofuels production) from non-staple foods
  • Develop data base for Nigerian Crude Oil types (unique Crude Oil Finger Printing) 


  •  Reservoir Studies – Okpoho Wellhead Sampling and PVT Analysis for JUBOB (2016).
  •  Delineation and Assessment of impacted sites at Ekerekana-Okrika and Ogale-Eleme in Rivers State for NNPC GHSE. (2014 -15)
  •  Geochemical studies for SEPLAT from Okporhuru, Sapele 28T Smart, and Orogho 05T Smart Oil Wells to develop Geochemistry data base (2014).
  •  Integrated Studies of Anambra and Benue Trough for NFES-NAPIMS (2014).
  •  Performance Studies on Waste Water Treatment Plant for PHRC (2012).
  •  Alternative crudes for WRPC and KRPC to substitute imported heavy Crudes (2009).
  •  Studies on contaminated PMS, AGO and ATK for PPMC (continuous).

On-Going Activities

  •  Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM) Contract for SPDC
  •  Provision of PVT Analysis for Addax Petroleum Dev. Coy.
  •  Provision of Well Core Analysis (SCA and RCA) Service for NPDC drilling operations.
  •  Crude oil Assay Measurements for Seplat, Laser Engineering etc.
  •  Crude Assay and Fingerprinting Contract for NPDC
  •  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies for NGC, NPDC, etc.​

​Business Partners

  •  NNPC Subsidiaries e.g. NPDC, Refineries, NAPIMS, IDSL, NGC, COMD, NNPC Downstream Operations, Gas & Power, etc.
  •  Oil and Gas Industry Operators across Nigeria and Other West African Countries e.g. SPDC, NAOC, SEPLAT, ADDAX, SNEPCo, ExxonMobil, Notore Chemicals Co., etc.
  •  Oil and Gas Servicing Companies e.g. Schlumberger, Halliburton, Ansett, etc.
  •  Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB)
  •  Academia / Universities/ NLA
  •  Government Agencies e.g. DPR, EFCC, JTF, NSCDC, Nigerian Army, etc.
  •  Environmental Regulatory Authorities.

Completed Jobs

  •  Environmental Compliance Monitoring for SPDC
  •  Environmental Impact Assessment Studies of:
  •  Eleme Petrochemicals Company Limited
  •  NGC Gas Supply from Alagbado to PHCN Power Plant at Papalanto
  •  NGC Gas Supply from Oben Metering Station to Geregu Power Plant
  •  NGC Gas Supply line Project at Alaoji
  •  OML 65 & 111 for NPDC
  •  NPDC Aroh 49 & Aroh North field
  •  Benin, Kaduna and Yenegoa Mega stations
  •  Petroleum Research Centre
  •  Post Impact Assessment Studies
  •  Ogbodo Oil Spill
  •  Yorla South Oil well fire outbreak for NPDC
  •  Determination of TBP/yield profiles of UQCC and Escravos light crude oil sample including three blends for WRPC
  •  Crude Oil Assays for COMD, NAPIMS , KRPC, etc
  •  Oil Spillage and Ground water pollution for PPMC in Baruwa, Ipaja in Alimisho, Lagos
  •  Nannopaleontology analysis for SPDC
  •  High Resolution Biostratigraphy studies for SPDC, SNEPCO, NAE etc
  •  Identifcation of Alternative Crudes (as Feedstock) for the Nigerian Refineries
  •  Delineation and Assessment of impacted sites at Ekerekana- Okirika and Ogale-  Eleme
  •  Integrated Studies of Anambra Basin and Benue Trough for NAPIMS
  •  Provision of Integrated Stratigraphy Services for SNEPCO

On-Going Research Projects

  •  Non-Conventional Upgrade of Whole Crude &Refined Products
  •  Conversion of Nigerian Bentonite clay for use as drilling mud
  •  Conversion of Nigerian Portland Cement to G-cement for Oil Drilling
  •  Palm Oil Ester based Drilling Fluid
​Consultancy and Training

  • ​NNPC, R&D offers consultancy and training programmes in different areas of specialty including the HYSYS Software Package amongst others.
  • ​Training could be designed to meet clients’ specific needs at a competitive cost


Port-Harcourt: NNPC Life Camp, EPCL Petrochemical Complex, Eleme Road, Eleme, Rivers State.
Abuja Liaison Office: Block D, MZ, Room 059, NNPC Towers. ​
Telephone: +234-8033586443; +234-7034155551; +234-8035553024; +234-8145465195; +234-0946084915


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