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NAPET Telecommunications Ltd is a Telecommunications infrastructure  flagship company of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The company was incorporated with a mandate to upscale NNPC Telecommunications & IT Infrastructure and pursue value optimization. This Infrastructure include 960Km of Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) network built along the NNPC Pipeline Right of Way from Mosimi to Benin and Warri to Kaduna.

NAPET plan is to revamp and expand the network to over 7000 KM of FOC Network in 3 phases through aggressive project implementation strategy within 3 years.

NAPET has adopted Open Access Model as its strategy for its FOC Network tagged  National Digital Superhighway. The Network  spans across the entire nation servicing NNPC and its subsidiaries, Oil & Gas community  and any other interested entity. This will contribute into the Federal Government drive for the National broadband penetration strategy for served, underserve and unserved communities

NAPET Objective

To Upscale NNPC Telecommunications Infrastructure and  Pursue Value Optimization through  commercial partnership arrangements with competent Telecom/IT companies.


To Upscale NNPC Telecommunications Infrastructure and pursue Value Optimization.


To be the preferred Telecommunication service provider to the entire Oil and Gas industry and other customers nationwide.


To build Telecommunications Infrastructure and provide Information Technology services nationwide and beyond through viable business arrangements .

Business Concept

Picture3.pngSuccessful commercialization of NNPC Telecommunication Assets and infrastructure. Our focus is in the following key areas:

  1.           Reactivation and expansion of FOC network in order to build a Digital Superhighway and expand bandwidth penetration nationally      and beyond.

  2.           Provision of effective and efficient Telecommunications and IT services to interested parties.

Background (NAPET Evolution)

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NAPET Connectivity Overview

The Comprehensive Telecommunication Network (CTN) of NNPC comprises of a 980 KM of Fiber Optic Cable laid around the NNPC pipeline Right of Way between Mosimi to Benin and Warri to Kaduna.

The CTN also comprises of Microwave Radio for Last mile connectivity and a VSAT covering 52 locations as a thin backup.

The FOC cables are in cores – 4core, 8 core and 12 cores – and form – armoured and non-armoured. Generally, the cables are buried along the NNPC Pipeline ROW 1m deep and 3-4 meters away from the pipelines protected in either PVC pipes, galvanised piped or HDPE pipes depending on the topology and nature of the installation terrain.

The equipment at the location are stored in shelters, with most of the shelters in good conditions. The SDH equipment are configured for Synchronous Transmission Module 4 (STM-4) with a data rate of 622Mbps whereas most of them can be upgraded to STM-16, approximately 2.5 Gbps.

Approximately 893Km of FOC has been installed between NNPC locations with each locations installed with access devices having 24 E1 card (2Mbps capacity).

NAPET Existing Connectivity

Operating Models

  • Joint Venture partnership in the Development  critical IT/Telecommunication Infrastructure such as Digital Superhighway (FOC Network), Multi-Tenant Cable landing Station   & in-Country Tier4 Data Center  for Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services. 
  • Strategic Alliance (short to Medium term) in the provision of IT Infrastructure solutions, Business & Industrial Automation.
  • Wholly Owned, in the long run, NAPET will venture into commercial activities alone having built necessary skills, expertise. 

Organizational Structure


Bouquet of Services
Screenshot 2021-09-22 122429.png

  1. Digital Superhighway (FOC Backbone Network)

  2. Internet/ Broadband Services

  3. Cloud services (Data Centre)/Disaster Recovery

  4. Automation/IOT

  5. IT Managed  Services

  6. IT Solution Deployment

  1. Dark Fiber Open Access, Production Terminal Connectivity, FTTH (Last Mile), Metro & Long-Distance network

  2. Bulk Internet bandwidth, Retail internet, Internet Service provision, WAN/MPLS

  3. Collocation of Servers and Storage of critical corporate data, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

  4. Video Surveillance, Fleet management, Tank Gauging, Access control, Digital Oil Field, Industrial Automation and Control, OCC , Pipeline Intrusion and Detection

  5. Support Services, Help Desk Solutions, Security solutions

  6. LAN,Wireless, Unified Communication, Security, Collaborations etc.

Organizational Structure
Digital Superhighway : Phase 2 Expansion
Digital Superhighway: Phase 3 Expansion 
    Together We shall make NAPET the Most  Preferred Telecoms & IT Service Provider in  Nigeria.



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