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​Shipping and Marine Logistics



The Oil and Gas business is very closely woven with the Maritime Sector.  This is because 90% of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and all Petroleum Products are moved across the world by sea. NNPC Shipping was established to take a slice of these huge and versatile markets with a view to improving the Corporation's bottom line.

NNPC Shipping was established in 2017. It is a Corporate Service Unit (CSU) that houses the three in-house Shipping concerns of NNPC: -


  •  Marine Logistics
  •  NIDAS

The NNPC Shipping is to improve coordination of business activities and increase the corporation's market share in the Petroleum Shipping business.  Marine Logistics (ML) is one of the three entities created in 2016 from the unbundling of the former PPMC with the key mandate to cut down on demurrage costs/exposure substantially through efficient vessel programming and scheduling.

Operationally, ML engages in the following key activities:

  • Manage demurrage on Import Vessels laden with Petroleum Products
  • Coordinate STS operations offshore Lagos and assist with Refinery Evacuations
  • Coastal distribution of Petroleum Products to Water Fed Depots across the nation


Marine Logistics has operational offices in Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt and Calabar. Using its own

initiatives, ML also went into a partial commercialization of its activities whereby it offered spare capacity to third parties in terms of vessel movements to the hinterland, STS operations, Agencies, etc., and charged market rates for such services. ML later extended same concept to its internal customers of NNPC Retail and PPMC by invoicing them for services provided.

Group Treasury has opened an account with TSA for Marine Logistics where proceeds of activities are paid. However, in Line with the GGM, Treasury's directives, this money is swept into the NNPC Sinking Fund on a Monthly Basis.



Presently and majorly, NPSC, one of our sister companies has been performing this role on behalf of NNPC Shipping due to our nascent status.   We hope to fully assume this role in no distance time. 

NNPC-Shipping Vessels transverse across Nigerian coastal regions where our main operations are; such areas as Lagos, Warri, Port-Harcourt and Calabar.  Our goal in this regard is in two-folds:  On one hand, Corporate Social Responsibilities aimed at measuring the impact of our activities on Environment, Society and the Economy.  Secondly, establishing oil and gas international best practices in the shipping business in order to achieve organizational goals.


Management Team

        Mr. Ibrahim Inuwa Waya                  Group General Manager         

            Sir Iuikim, Asuquo Edet             GM, Marine Logistics


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