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January 24, 2017
Integrated Data Services Limited (IDSL)


Integrated Data Services Limited (IDSL) was established in 1988 as a subsidiary company of the NNPC, to provide hydrocarbon exploration services in the local and international Oil and Gas industry. The company is a merger of the National Hydrocarbon Reserves Evaluation Centre (NHREC), the Seismic Data Processing Department (DPD) and Parties X and Y.
IDSL has been around for over 25 years providing Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation and Reservoir Management Services to a wide range of clients from wholly owned to multinational Oil and Gas companies.

IN 1988, the company won an international contract to acquire Seismic Data for Ghana. The project was a success story for IDSL.


IDSL shall be the centre of technological excellence in the provision of Geophysical, Geological, Reservoir Engineering and Data Storage and Management Services in the global oil and gas industry, leveraging on the best talents in Nigeria and internationally.


IDSL operates commercially and markets world-class Geophysical, Geological, Reservoir Engineering and Data Storage and Management Services.

  • Seismic Data Acquisition (Acquisition of 2D, 3D & 4D Seismic Data on Land, Swamp, Transition and Marine)
  • Seismic Data Processing (Geophysical Processing of 2D, 3D & 4D Land, Swamp, Transition and Marine Data)
  • Reservoir Engineering Services (Engineering study of the Oil & Gas Reservoir for optimum  and efficient Reservoir performance)
  • Data Storage and Management Services (Provision of Data Storage and Management services for all data acquired from E&P operations)

IDSL currently operates a 100% wholly owned Seismic Acquisition Crew.

The subsidiary is also in Joint Venture with multinational Oil and Gas servicing companies in Nigeria, including:

  • United Geophysical Nigeria Limited (UGNL)
  • Schlumberger
  • Landmark
  • WesternGeco
  • Pioneer-Alfa Petroleum Services Limited (PPS)
  • Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP)
  • Some of the subsidiary’s clientele include:

  • SPDC
  • NAOC
  • NPDC
  • NDPR

IDSL is currently in the Chad Basin, collaborating with BGP, a subsidiary of the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), to acquire Seismic Data.

Seismic acquisition activities are also currently going on in the Niger Delta areas, including Edo, Delta and Ondo States.

IDSL’s Data Processing Centre (DPC), located in Port Harcourt, has had a 3-year consecutive massive upgrade and currently has the largest processing capacity in Nigeria.

The Reservoir Management Services include Oil and Gas Field Studies, Reservoir Management Studies, Unitization Studies, Geological and Petrophysical Studies. The department is also involved in research and studies of the Frontier Basins to discover potential areas for commercial crude oil development in Nigeria.

There has been massive renovation and expansion of the Data Storage and Management facilities at the headquarters in Benin.

State-of-the-art and current technologies are utilised in IDSL operations and the Management is committed to the professional and on-hands development of the workforce.

In a dynamic industry, such as the Oil and Gas sector, IDSL is harnessing all its resources to ensure quality service delivery to its clients.

The Company operates a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy that ensures care for the local and global environment. Its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are also geared towards the betterment of the host communities and other publics.

IDSL is working very hard to add to the port-folio of services it is rendering to the oil industry. The long term objective is for IDSL to be on its own to acqualize its vision of becoming the ultimate center for the provision of Geophysical and Petroleum Engineering Services in the world Oil and Gas Industry.


IDSL is headed by a Managing Director, who is supported by two Executive Directors, namely Executive Director, Operations and Executive Director, Services.

The two Executive Directors oversee the affairs of the two divisions in IDSL – Operations Division and Services Division.

Departments supervised by the Managing Director’s Office:

  • Internal Audit Department
  • Materials Management Department
  • Planning and Budget Monitoring Department
  • Company Secretariat and Legal Department
  • Research and Marketing Department
  • Departments in Operations Division:

  • Data Acquisition Department
  • Data Processing Department
  • Reservoir Engineering Services Department
  • Applied Computer Services Department
  • Health, Safety and Environment Department
  • Departments in Services Division:

  • Human Resources Department
  • Public Affairs Department
  • Finance and Accounts Department
  • Administrative Services Department
  • Security Services Department

  • Contact Addresses:

    Benin Office                                                

    36, Ogba Road, Oko

    P.M.B. 1003

    Benin City, Edo State

    Tel: +234 – 52- 842747-9




    Abuja Liaison Office

    Room 16, 1st Floor, Block D

    NNPC Towers, Abuja

    Tel: +234 – 9 – 84133/84187


    Lagos Liaison Office

    Cluster D

    Block D1, 7th Floor, Flat 717

    1004 Estates

    Victoria Island, Lagos


    Data Processing Centre

    NNPC Life Camp

    Eleme Petrochemical Complex

    Eleme, Port Harcourt

    Rivers State